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Volume 1 - Suitable for students in their first and second years. The pieces are written in the classic style and are suitable for students that can read simple notes and rhythm. Because these are only the first stages of learning the pieces are easy to play yet filled with rich interesting and harmonious musical content. This way the learning process becomes faster and more fluent as the material helps the student get familiar with the piano and draws him to play more.


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Volume 2 - Suitable for students in their second and third years. Most of the pieces in this volume are in the jazz style, light, and have a happy vibe.


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Volume 3 - Suitable for students year three and above. The pieces in the volume are written in a classic style aimed for fast paced and convenient study.


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Volume 4 - Suitable for students third year and above. Etudes meant for the development of technique; every piece targets a unique technical skill, while still being musical and melodic.


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Volume 5 - Suitable for year four and up. The pieces are written in the modern romantic style and allow the player to express emotions such as love, longing, pain, fear, joy, and happiness. Suitable for adolescents and adults, playing for fun and leisure and for concerts as well.


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Volume 6 - Suitable for year six and up. The pieces in this volume like in Vol. 4 are etudes meant for the development of advanced technique while still being actual musical pieces.


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Volume 7 - In this volume there are pieces for concerts, recitals, and music exams for academia. The pieces present various technical challenges and diverse complex moods.


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Volume 8 - In this volume there are pieces for concerts, recitals and academic musical exams. These pieces are longer and more challenging than those in volume 7 and one of them “Poem” is a complicated extended virtuoso version of the same piece from volume 7.